Tweak is furniture for the 21st century

We bring quality, custom furniture to your home. Whether you have a small studio or you need a wardrobe to perfectly fit your 3.9m bedroom wall, Tweak puts customization in your hands. Through Tweak you buy furniture directly from local, trusted manufacturers so you can enjoy designs that suit your space at a fraction of the price you would traditionally pay.

Discover our collections With the help of our collection videos below.

Bema Loft - מיטת יום

‏2,660.00 ₪ - ‏9,100.00 ₪*

Bema Loft - סטודיו

‏5,166.00 ₪ - ‏7,148.00 ₪*

PegBoard Adj.Shelf Px3

‏150.00 ₪*

דרגש פולארויד

‏3,101.00 ₪ - ‏4,341.00 ₪*